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The "Ancient Swamps" are just that: ancient. Ancient and un-touched by Elven, Avian or Ursan paws for generations. Why? Well... for one, they're very wet. But mostly, since the ruling 'Croc' have been nothing but hostile to anyone who might dare investigate the swampy plains, the noble creatures of Alterra have stayed far, far away.

But in recent days the 'Croc' have become more and more aggressive. They have launched attacks into the Dark Forest and have thundered across the plains in pursuit of... something... nobody knows just yet! What we DO know is - the 'Croc' are different. Changed from their primitive form. Altered by dark magic and armed with deadly weapons.

ENVIRONMENT The "Ancient Swamps" is a fascinating new environment that employs new world-building technologies. Ponds, lakes, and moving water! Rich, dark and forbidding - the 'swamps' are a visually compelling place to adventure!

ENCOUNTERS The 'Croc' army used to be nothing but a throng of toothy big-mouthed killers with no organization, no coordination... no loyalty, no weapons. But NOW the 'Croc' are on a whole new level. Croc Warriors have a high chance of poisoning their targets (making their sword and claw attacks much more effective). Croc Fireblasters do massive magical fire damage to single targets and can also attack the entire party with large area-effect fire blasts. But the most deadly are the Croc Shaman - capable of healing their friends, weakening their enemies, and flinging deadly 'darkbolts!'


The towne is Lake Louie

The Ancient Swamps campaign contains five story dungeons:

Two special dungeons are included:

Four other special dungeons were included but were moved to create the Swamp Croc Feud campaign in the Main Spine Realignment


  • First Day of the Job
  • Croc Spear Study
  • The Bone Study
  • Stubby Creatures
  • Report Findings
  • Pulling the Croc's Tooth

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