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The Elves are ancient, mystical beings who wield the terrifying powers of nature to soothe their friends and humiliate their enemies. In short: Elves are the finest spell-casters in the realm!


The base stats for the Enchantress are:

Stat Value
Strength 1
Dexterity 2
Intelligence 7


The Enchantress obtains the following skills:

Icon Name Level Description Cost (Mana)
Heal Heal 2

Restore health and clear negative effects of you and your party.

8 meter area range. 3 seconds cool-down.

Frostbite Frostbite 4

Freeze a single target.

12 meter range.

2 - 6 seconds freeze time. 4 seconds cool-down.

Lightning Lightning 6

Blast surrounding enemies with lightning.

Armour debuff.

8 meter area range. 3 seconds cool-down.

Resurrect Resurrect 8

Revive party.

12 meter area range. 6.5 seconds cool-down.

Mana cost decreases by 5 as skill rank increases.

30 - 5*(Rank)
Firestorm Firestorm 10

Unleash a big fiery blast of fire and may knock back enemies.

12 meter area range. 5 seconds cool-down.

Ice Storm Ice Storm 12

Cast ice storm spell to surrounding area.

6 meter area range. 6 seconds cool down.

2 - 6 seconds freeze time.

Drain Life Drain Life 14

Steal health from a single target to self.

12 meter range. 12 seconds cool-down.

Weakness Weakness 16

Reduce enemy damage and chance to hit by -5.

8 meter area range. 10 seconds cool-down.

Higher skill rank will decrease enemy damage and hit chance by 5 to previous skill rank.

Nightmare Nightmare 18

Reduce surrounding enemy's armor by -5. Enemy's armor reduce by -5 as skill rank increases.

Reduce enemy's dodge percentage by -2%. Enemy's dodge percentage by -2% as skill rank increases.

6 meter area range. 8 seconds cool-down.

Magic Shield Magic Shield 20

Self-target: divert incoming damage to mana points instead of health points for 12 seconds. If no mana points are available, it will take health points until mana points are restored.

Self-buff armor by 4.

Higher rank increases only self-buff armor by 2 each rank.

29 seconds cool-down.

Blessing of Vitality Blessing of Vitality 22

Party-buff: Increase health by 25, then +2 health points every 1 second for 120 seconds.

Self-buff: +8 armor for 12 seconds.

Higher rank increase only self-buff armor by +4 each rank.

Blessing of Might Blessing of Might 24

Part-buff: +5 strength and +1 armor for 120 seconds.

Self-buff: +5 damage and +10 critical for 20 seconds.

Higher rank increases only self-buff armor by +5 damage and +10 critical each rank.

Skill/Weapon Combinations[]

Skill Combination
Title Combination
Fireblast Frost Bite + Firestorm
Weapon Combination
Title Combination
Steam Ice Storm + Firewand
Super Freeze Frost Bite + Ice Storm + Staff of Thoth

Kill Achievments[]

The Enchantress obtains a title for the following number of kills:

Kills Title
10 Zombie-fryer
25 Egghead
50 Alchemist
100 Illusionist
200 Trickster
300 Deadly Siren
400 Diviner
500 Charmer
600 Conjurer
700 Seer
800 Shaman
900 Necromancer
1,000 Green Adept
2,000 Yellow Adept
3,000 Blue Adept
4,000 Red Adept
5,000 Master Seer
6,000 Master Shaman
7,000 Silver Adept
8,000 Gold Adept
9,000 Grand Master