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Combos are combinations of skills and item powers that produce new effects.

Skill Combos[]

These are combos that are created through a combination of player skills. Each character class has a solo-combo which can be created using two skills in sequence. You can also create combos by combining skills from different classes and mega-combos with cool visuals that require all three classes to hit a particular sequence of skills. A good party watches the other players for opportunities to create combos. For example Bears should look out for a purple glow around an Enchantress and then cast Hell Scream and Enchantresses should look for a Bird's thorn wall around enemies and then cast Lightning.

  • Hot Flash - Enchantress casts Ice Storm/Frostbite, then Fire Storm. Blasts target back temporarily and stuns them. Also adds 10%-30% extra damage to Fire Storm.
  • Nature Strike - Bird casts Thorn Wall/Thorn Root, Enchantress casts Lightning. Stuns target temporarily and reduces Dodge. Also adds 10%-50% extra damage to Lightning damage.
  • Terror - Enchantress casts weakness, Bear casts Hell Scream. Reduces targets hit chance and armour.
  • Shatter - Enchantress casts Ice Storm/Frostbite, Bear casts Stomp. Blasts enemies back temporarily stunning them. Adds extra damage to the Stomp attack.
  • Cruel Blast - Bird casts Shattering Scream, then Blast Shot
  • Crushed - Bird casts Break Armor, Bear casts Crushing Blow
  • Fearless - an Enchantress can survive near death by casting Heal spell. The Heal is slightly more effective; effects stack until death or level end.
  • Rejuvenate - if an Enchantress restores their health completely by either Drain Life or Heal' while taking damage they get a temporary Self Buff +1 H/S for 20 seconds.

MEGA Combos need all three classes working together. You're rewarded with some cool visual effects!

  • Hell Storm! - Bird casts Thorn Wall/Thorn Root, Enchantress casts Lightning, Bear casts Hell Scream. Enemy is surrounded by swirling balls of flame.
  • Pulverized! - Enchantress casts Ice Storm/Frostbite, Bear casts Stomp, Bird casts Break Armor. Ceiling collapses on enemyy.
  • Pwned! - Bird casts Break Armor, Bear casts Crushing Blow', Enchantress casts Drain Life. Drops a huge coffin on the enemy.

Item Combos[]

Some combos are created by using a skill with a weapon's special power. See also Weapon Procs.

  • Ice Melt - Freeze an ememy with Frostbite or Ice Storm and then attack with a fire weapon, they will take extra damage.
  • Steam! - Same as Ice Melt
  • Super Freeze - Freeze an enemy with the Apep Sunkiller Staff of Thoth then cast Frostbite/Ice Storm. It renders the enemy completely useless for 5 seconds, stuns them from moving for 10 seconds. Amplifies Hot Flash! damage.

Other Effects[]

  • Humiliate - if you blast a barrel while a enemy is near it the enemy will take large amounts of fire damage, lose all Buffs, be knocked back and temperately stunned. Your character will automatically cast the Laugh emote.
  • Clear Headed! - Effects of stun wear off. Casting Blessings of Might and Blessing of Vitality cuts down stun time.
  • Free! - Effects of Frost wear off. Casting Fire Storm can sometimes break Frost hold.
  • Unrooted! - Effects of Thornwall and Thornroot wear off. Casting Fire Storm can sometimes break Root hold.
  • Cured! - Effects of Debuffs wear off
  • Mended! - Effects of weapon fatigue end. (Dark-bolt blaster or hammers stopping you from moving when hit).
  • Absorbed! - Combinations or Critical hits are absorbed by Mana Shield, causing less damage.
  • Poisoning Blast - unknown