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The three classes

In Pocket Legends, there are currently five character classes to choose from. Each is fully customizable.



Warrior: A powerful bear-like Ursan Warrior, master of all bladed weapons, the warrior has a set of devastatingly destructive skills! The Warrior is a melee class that can wade into combat and take a lot of damage. Read more...


An Avian Archer, an agile hunter and marksman, and expert with the bow, the Archer is a ranged class that can inflict a lot of damage. Read more...


The Elf Enchantress, able to command all of nature’s great and terrible power has a useful set of many different spells and skills. A healing/buff class that offers great support from a distance. Read more...

PL port ranger
Ranger: The Vixen Ranger, an fast and deadly damage master. Capable of quickly dodging and stunning her foes before swooping in for the kill. Read more...

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Paladin: A Rhino Paladin, a formidible melee fighter with healing abilities. Read more...
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