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Quests are an important part of your Pocket Legends adventure. They are fast ways to earn gold, and it helps your image if you've completed all the quests!

To complete a quest:

  • Find someone with a "!" above their head and a beam of light shining on them. Click on them to talk with them, and accept the quest.
  • Look in your quest log, read what you need to do, and click the "Go to..." button at the bottom.
  • Kill the monsters, meet the person, or whatever you need to do.
  • You can check your progress on the quest tab.
  • Once you have done what is required, you usually have to return to the person who gave you the quest.
  • If the person has a white "?" over their head then you havn't finished the quest. If the person has a yellow "?", then talk to them to collect your rewards and finish the quest.

Good luck with your questing!!

Each campaign page on the wiki has a list of quests you can do in that campaign.

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