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Name Locations
Animated Hammer The Steam Chamber
Anubis The Great Pyramid, Sand Storm!, Vicious Visitors, Plasma Pyramid
Babrax the Demon The Skeleton Cult Crypts, The Kings' Forest, Deeper Shade of Pain, Quick Pain!, Demon's Bane
Bandit King Bandit Boy Stronghold
Bandit Queen Bandit Boy Stronghold
Bastet Sand and Flame, Sand Storm!
Beargular The Bank Vault
Beaux Beaux Blood on the Bayou, Bayou Boss Brawl!
Blanky the Safecrack Bandit Boy Hideout
Boulderfist Shalerockstone Valley
Brom Dandy The Crypts of Dorkwood, Meathead's Deli, Sad Little Knights, Tower of Sorrow, The King of Hearts, Quick Love!
B'TOXX Vicious Visitors, Plasma Pyramid
Cap'n Bones Bring on the Pain
Catspaw Bandit Boy Hideout
Cockroach Roach Motel
Dead Eyes Bring on the Pain, Mega Maze Mash-up
Dr. Noxious The Fetid Halls
Drusila Badelf Bandit Boy Stronghold
Ernesto the Yeti Cold Days and Colder Knights, The Frost King, Frozen Crossroads
Fabio the Fireblaster Bad Lieutenants!
Frogmar the Witch Bye Bayou!, Mardi Growl!, Bayou Boss Brawl!
Frost King The Kings' Forest, Bang a Gong, The Frost King, The Frost King
Frosty Fred Ice Ice Baby
Goat T. Ere Hellfire Swamp!, Mardi Growl!, Bayou Boss Brawl!
Goblin King Goblin Stronghold, The Swill Pitz
Goblin Shaman Goblin Tunnels
Goblin Warchief Goblin Stronghold
Goblin Witch Doctor Goblin Stronghold
Goldfever Bandit Boy Hideout
Goop Roach Motel
Groucho The Magic Castle
Gurgox the Great Intergalactic Combat, The Victory Lap
Harpo The Magic Castle
King Mynas Crush the Keeper!, The Victory Lap
King of Bling The King of Bling, Quick Cash
King of Hearts The Kings' Forest, The King of Hearts, Quick Love!
King of Pain The King of Pain, Quick Pain!
K'Sarr the Keeper Crush the Keeper!, The Victory Lap
King of Trolls The Kings' Forest
Le Chomp Le Chomp!, Bye Bayou!, Mardi Growl!, Bayou Boss Brawl!
Lil' Bill The Missing Explorer, Frozen Crossroads
Lowell the Troll The Root of all Evil, It Must be Magic
Ma McCroc McCroc Homestead
McCroc Brewmaster McCroc Homestead
Meathead Trouble in Forest Haven, Meathead's Deli, The Skeleton Cult Crypts, Mega Maze Mash-up
Merk the Jerk Love Conquers All?
Monsieur Lebow Hellfire Swamp!, Bayou Boss Brawl!
Nizara A Strange Find
Noodles Swill Pitz
Ohak Fel Sobek's Blade, Sand Storm!
Oil Slick The Catacombs
Ooze The Catacombs
Pappy Scalefield Scalefield Homestead
Pitati Desert Marauders
Pl'Othozz Close Encounters, The Victory Lap
Ptah Ptooey God of the Dunes, Sand Storm!
R'LOXX Vicious Visitors, Plasma Pyramid
Seth God of the Dunes, Sand Storm!
Scalefield Hoochmiester Scalefield Homestead
Shadow Lord
Shadow Witch
Shadow Archer
Silknight the Sorceress The Knights of Dorkwood, Trail of Thieves
Sir Furio The Magic Castle
Skeller Krunch Trouble in Forest Haven, Meathead's Deli, The Skeleton Cult Crypts, Big Red's Revenge, Mega Maze Mash-up
Sobek Sobek's Blade, Tombs of Mynas
Sparky Deeper Shade of Pain, Mega Maze Mash-up
Stench Roach Motel
Swamp Hag McCroc's Still Farm
The Animator Steam Chamber
The Galactic Overlord This Ends Now!, The Victory Lap
T'Paxx Captive Audience, The Victory Lap
Trash Heap The Catacombs
Vinny Taur Money for Nothing?, It Must be Magic, Quick Cash, Quick Love!
Waylay Blackbeak Bandit Cells
Xaxis The King of Pain, Mega Maze Mash-up
Zankura The Sandstone Hall
Zeke Bad Lieutenants!, Mardi Growl!, Bayou Boss Brawl!
Z'MOXX Chariots of the Goons, Plasma Pyramid

Boss Stats[]

Forest Haven

Boss HP ATT DEF Max Armor Note
Meathhead 2,300 31-40 7 28 take out by yourself is easy unless you are below level 5



This list based on Pocket Legends Enemy, Boss, and NPC Compendium by Physiologic