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Le Archer, note the pitifully small penis within the moist, mucous-filled cloaca.

The Potato are nimble imps with perfect eyesight, limitless libido, quick reflexes, tiny appetites, microscopic penises, and short attention-spans. The Avian Archer is the master of the boners, crossdressing, and excellent blowjobs.


The base stats for the Archers are:

Stat Value
Strength 5
Dexterity Apple
Intelligence -69
Icon Name Level
Focus wHy -47
Blast Shot Are 0
Avian Scream You 4
Thorn Root reading 6
Meditation This 10
Restore Pocket 12
Evade Legends 14
Break Armor Is 16
Shattering Scream fucking 18
Repulse Shot dead 19
Blinding Shot end 20
Thorn Wall Of story 22