PL avian badge

Archer artwork

The Avian Archers are nimble bird-like creatures with perfect eyesight, quick reflexes, tiny appetites and short attention-spans. The Avian Archer is the master of the bow and crossbow.


The base stats for the Archers are:

Stat Value
Strength 2
Dexterity 7
Intelligence 1


The Archer obtain the following skills:

Icon Name Level Description
Skill focus Focus 8 Increase hit and crit chances! Cost 20, 20 secs, +10% chance per rank.
Skill blast shot Blast Shot 2 Damages enemies that surround your target! Cost 15, +2 blast area per rank.
Skill avian scream Avian Scream 4 Push back enemies and stun them! Cost 15, 3 second stun, +10 damage per rank.
Skill thornroot Thorn Root 6 Stop enemies in thier tracks! Cost 20, 3 sec root, + Damage per rank.
Skill meditate Meditation 10 Regain your magic power through meditation. Cost 10, +30 Mana at rank 1, +10 mana per rank.
Skill restore Restore 12 Increase your health regeneration!) Cost 20, Regen +4 for 5 secs, +10 heal per rank.
Skill evade Evade 14 Jump attacks! Cost 20, 20 secs buff, +10% dodge per rank.
Skill break armor Break Armor 16 Reduce your targets armor. Cost 25, Reduce targets armour, -10 per rank.
Skill shattering scream Shattering Scream 18 Blasts targets and reduces their damage and armor. Cost 20, -5 target damage per rank.
Skill repulse shot Repulse Shot 19 Knock your target back with this heavy shot. Cost 15, +2 knock-back per rank.
Skill blinding shot Blinding Shot 20 Reduces enemy hit chance for 5 sec. Cost 25, reduce 10% hit per rank.
Skill thorn wall Thorn Wall 22

Root enemies when they surround you. Cost 30. +Multi-Target range per rank.